Hello World


My name is Dan.

I built Hackternoon.com on a Linux laptop.

Hackternoon.com is like a dating site.

But instead of helping you find a "date", I help you find a Software Developer. If you think finding a wonderful romantic partner is difficult, wait until you go on a quest for a programmer who can transform your ideas into software. This site might help you with that.

I offer you steps to follow:

Then ask, "Is my profile combined with my project attractive to the type of Developers I want to attract ?"

The following attributes are attractive to many types of Developers:

After your profile and project(s) are attractive, you go to the next step. You advertise that you want a Software Developer to work with you on your project. In your advertisements, you point to your project(s) at Hackternoon.com

For example, here is one of my projects:

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Where do you advertise?

One answer is to spend a lot of time on Google to find where software developers congregate. Then register at those sites and then contact them with your pitch. Another place to start is a Craigslist.com sub-domain for a large city holding many Software Developers.

I list below Craigslist URLs for some of the largest cities in the USA:

Craigslist is not that big outside of the USA. But, outside of the USA I might think about these sites:

I looked at Wikipedia for a list of large cities. Outside USA, I see this list.

A bit of research might reveal where Software Developers congragate in the above large cities. If you do this research, please send me any results which you are willing to share. Another list I am interested in is the location-list of "Excellent" Developers. Perhaps a place to start this research would be Wikipedia:

If you have questions,
E-me, I am Dan the Hackternooner Founder